Monday, March 25, 2013


ET Phone Home! Yes, we all remember that great line from ET - the extraterrestrial! Do you or don't you believe that there are UFO's? On Thursday, April 4 the opening of ENCOUNTERS: UFO EXPERIENCE will take you to the debut of places you may never have thought about. The venue explores the history of UFO's that will feature over 200 original artifacts and conceptual models along with documentary film clips and recordings that support claims of ancient encounters through modern day sightings.

The exhibition will feature seven galleries where you can learn about AREA 51 and ROSWELL. The space travel gallery provides an impressive tour of past and present propulsion systems and how they have contributed to the space programs. The gallery will bring visitors face to face with replicas of props from Hollywood productions like Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Men In Black and the beloved ET.

UFO's or unusual sightings over the Myrtle Beach region have been reported for nearly 50 years. One of the largest sightings of UFO's happened in August 2012 when myself and hundreds of other people saw what appeared to be a large mother ship rendezvous with a smaller flying craft in the section of North Myrtle Beach. These sightings were the major reasons for Myrtle Beach being chosen for the premier of this venue. So keep your eyes on the skies over the Grand Strand!

The family friendly exhibit is located at Broadway at the Beach and will be recognizable by a flying saucer protruding from it's side. The months of April and May will see abbreviated hours: Thursday - 11-8, Friday & Saturday - 10-10 and Sunday 11-8. Cost is $14.00 Adults, $12.00 Students, $10.00 ages 4-12 and under age 3 - FREE. Call 843-353-0046 or go to Summer hours will be posted later.

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